As a leader in South Central Nebraska’s energy service industry, Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI) adds value and shares success through its diverse product portfolio, excellent service and experienced employees. While we offer the wide range of energy solutions you might expect from a large corporation, our main focus remains on our relationship with you, the customer. 

The CPI Energy Division’s principal mission is to provide superior service delivering high quality gasoline, diesel fuels, lubricants, and propane at competitive prices. You can count on us to keep your farm or business operating smoothly, your vehicles and equipment in top condition, and your home comfortable – all while placing a strong emphasis on customer and employee safety. We also offer a number of options for contracting refined fuels and propane.

In addition to our bulk delivery operation, we also serve our communities with several retail operations; we have 10 CPI Tire Auto Service Centers and 23 fueling stations – eight of which are Premier Stop Convenience Stores. We’re committed to servicing all aspects of your busy, mobile, motor-driven life. If you need something to run your engines, equipment, cars or trucks, CPI is right around the corner to help you out. For more on our retail locations, please click here.

For current fuel prices, call Warren Hull at 402-751-2922.


Bulk Fuels

CPI operates 11 bulk fuel facilities – each positioned to allow for quick and efficient deliveries to your farm or business. Being located between three main fuel terminals – Doniphan, Geneva and North Platte – enables us to remain well stocked, even in times of tough supply. The solid growth of our business is built on quality products and quality service. With the resources of a large co-op and the ag experience of our employees, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you are dealing with some of the most knowledgeable energy people in the industry.

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Cenex® Top Tier Detergent Gasoline

CPI sells Cenex® TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline and diesel fuel at our 23 fueling locations throughout central Nebraska. Being branded Cenex® is advantageous to both CPI and our customers. Cenex® is a cooperative just like CPI and buying from a fellow co-op only strengthens the system that helps support ag communities.

Cenex® also owns two refineries – one in Kansas and one in Montana. Both of these refineries exclusively use North American-sourced crude oil. Supporting North America, supporting agriculture and supporting you is what CPI does every day.

For our customers, Cabela’s CLUB Visa members receive 2% back in CLUB points for every dollar spent at the pump and in-store at participating Cenex® locations. Visit and search under Store Locations for participating convenience stores. Not a CLUB member? Visit for more information.

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Cenex® Premium Diesel

 If you’ve been using standard diesel for years, you may be skeptical about whether “premium” fuels are worth the added cost. But consider this: over time, your engine’s fuel pump and injectors get dirty; a gradual, hard-to-notice process that reduces both engine performance and fuel economy. Standard diesel fuel contains no additives to reduce wear, extend storage life or reduce the formation of gum, varnish and corrosion.

At CPI we recommend Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels. They’re specially formulated to clean your fuel system and keep it clean for maximum power and performance. A clean fuel system provides many benefits, including improved fuel economy, better horsepower and extended life of fuel pumps and injectors. Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels also deliver additional benefits, including better lubricity (to protect vital engine parts), quicker starts and reduced emissions for cleaner air.

Recently, Cenex Premium Diesels were enhanced to further optimize performance in modernized diesel engines. They now have a special additive to help prevent typical problems related to #2 diesel use, including injector damage, filter clogging, power loss, poor starting, engine failures and costly repairs. Compared to standard diesel, Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels:

  • Improve fuel economy by as much as 5%
  • Improve fuel lubricity by 10-15%
  • Improve power by as much as 4.5%
  • Have a higher cetane number (typically 48)
  • Extend the life of injectors and injector pumps
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Operate better in modernized diesel engines
  • Promote quicker, more fuel-efficient starts
  • Reduce smoke and emissions for cleaner air

Plus, Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® is backed by an ironclad guarantee – the Total Protection Plan Warranty. If you’re using Ruby Fieldmaster and Cenex lubricants and anything goes wrong with your new or used agricultural equipment, parts covered by the warranty will be replaced free of charge. That’s an offer you won’t find with any other diesel fuel. (Visit for more information or to enroll.) For true premium performance from a proven diesel fuel, trust Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels. To learn more, visit

Soy Gold® Biodiesel

SoyGold® Biodiesel – the most trusted name in biofuels – offers dependability you must have with no engine retrofit. You burn SoyGold biodiesel the same way you use regular diesel, but without all the noxious smoke. From a 2% to a 20% blend, SoyGold biodiesel gives you clean power from a renewable resource – soybeans – and the cost to you is the lowest it has ever been. It’s a “green fuel” that lets you keep another kind of green in your pocket. Made from American-grown soybeans, SoyGold biodiesel is the country’s most popular renewable fuel. Available year round, SoyGold increases fuel lubricity, boosts cetane values and burns cleaner than traditional diesel fuels.

CPI proudly markets SoyGold to our producers at any blend desired. Call your local CPI Energy Representative at 402-751-2922 to place an order today.


Fuel Contracting Programs

CPI offers four different options for fuel contracting programs to ensure that each individual gets the best service and price to fit their needs. Contracts are available at any time and programs are intended to benefit both the customer and CPI. Contact one of our sales specialists today at 402-751-2922 and ask them to work a schedule that will get you the best value.

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1. Fixed Price Contract

available every day the NYMEX is trading. Just as the name indicates, this is a fixed price for a product to be delivered during an agreed time frame.

2. Max Price Options

can be added to any Fixed Price Contract at time of origination for an additional fee that is required to cover hedging fees. The Max Price Option will allow your Fixed Price Contract to be re-priced to CPI daily posted tank wagon delivered price for the same product when lower and will never be priced higher than the original contracted price.

3. Time Frame

select any single month or group of 3 months by quarter; Spring (March, April, May), Summer (June, July, August), Fall (September, October, November) and Winter (December, January, February). CPI will lock in your fuel needs any time into the future that is available from our suppliers for physical product to be delivered to your tank. The customer is responsible to take delivery of total gallons during the agreed time frame.



As a leading propane provider in South Central Nebraska, you can count on CPI’s timely LP delivery service to keep your home warm in the winter and outdoor activities fueled in the summer. We also offer complete propane delivery, sales and service for our commercial and agriculture customers.

For Propane Service, Please Call: 402-751-2922

Propane Contracting Programs

CPI offers five different options for propane to heat your home. Traditionally we try to get home heat propane contracting done in the early summer, but contracts are available any time.

Click on the items below to learn more about our contract options.

1. Fixed Price 100% Pre-Pay

This contract requires full payment at the time of signing and locks in the committed gallons at a fixed price per gallon for propane delivered through the winter. Sales tax will be billed at time of delivery. Please include a check for the prepay amount with the signed agreement. Sales tax is not included.

2. Consumer Price Protection Contract

The most you would pay for the propane on this plan is the contract price. If the price of propane decreases and we are delivering for a price less than the contract price, you will be billed the lower price at the time of delivery. You must pay a Non-refundable Option Fee of 15 cents per gallon when you return the contract that will protect any future downward movement. You will be billed the lower of the contract price or the current delivered price (plus tax) for home heat propane delivered through the winter. You must include a check for the Option Fee amount with the signed agreement.

3. Signature Fixed Price Contract

This contract does not require any payment at this time. The signature fixed price contract maintains the same price for propane delivered through the winter. You will be billed for delivered gallons at the contracted price, plus tax.

4. Monthly Budget Billing Program

This contract spreads your payments into 10 equal payments, one per month, with May being the settlement month. You will receive a monthly billing of your budget payment amount due on your statement through the contract period. The settlement in May will either return your overpayment (if the price drops), or charge you for underpayment (if you use more than contracted). The price for budget billing is capped plus sales tax. If the delivered price is less than the contract price, you will be billed at the lower price when we settle up in May. Your price will never exceed the contract price, and if propane prices are lower, you will be credited that amount when we settle up by May (June statement). You must pay a Non-refundable Option Fee of 15 cents per gallon when you return this contract that will protect any future downward movement. Your monthly payment amount will be calculated by dividing the total dollar amount by the number of months from return date of contract until reconciliation in May. If you choose this option, you will receive a monthly statement with your payment amount.

5. Keep Full Route Service

Your propane will be delivered at the prevailing “Keep Full Route Service” price at time of delivery. Your service person will keep your tank full during the winter heating season. You will be responsible for payment in full monthly.


Propane Safety

When proper safeguards are observed, propane provides a safe, efficient and reliable way to heat your home or business. We’re glad that you selected CPI to deliver propane to your property; your safety and well-being is very important to us.

Propane delivery is highly regulated by both the State of Nebraska and our insurance company. Every member of CPI’s propane delivery crew has completed the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP), the premier training program of the propane industry, and refresher courses are required every three years.

Our drivers will contact you to schedule a time to perform regulator replacement (or any other necessary work) on your propane system. If you have a time that you would like the work performed, please call your driver to schedule. Thank you for your business and we look forward to many more years of servicing your account.

Lubricants & Greases

Mid-Nebraska Lubricants-CPI is a leader in the bulk oil business. Our bulk oil vans have the ability to deliver both packaged product and bulk product to farms and commercial businesses all over central Nebraska.

Our state-of-the art bulk oil facility is located in Juniata, NE. This central location gives our customers the advantage of prompt service and easy access to our knowledgeable team members, many who have more than 25 years of experience.

When you need to keep things moving, rely on Cenex® lubricants. Our family of advanced products spans the full range of technologies, including conventional lubricant fluids, full and partial synthetics, and bio lubes made with vegetable oil.




Engine Oils

Each of our Cenex® Engine Oils have been specifically formulated to properly lubricate, protect and extend the life of a wide variety of engine types. Plus, we feature several synthetic and full synthetic blends that qualify for the 10-year/10,000-hour Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty.


Tractor Fluids

When you're working hard in the fields, Cenex® tractor fluids work even harder to protect all your tractor's vital parts — transmission differential, wet brake, power steering and hydraulics — to ensure its optimum performance. Plus, Cenex tractor fluids are designed specifically for use in agricultural equipment, so you know you're putting only top-quality products into your investment.


Transmission Fluids

The superior frictional characteristics and material compatibility of Cenex® transmission fluids ensure quality and consistent performance in shifting, brake operation and wear protection in all types of transmissions. We rigorously test our lubricants to meet and exceed the demands of heavy-duty applications, so you know your equipment is protected.


Gears Oils/Hydraulic Oils

Cenex® hydraulic oils and gear oils extend a variety of applications and offer an exceptional list of features to benefit even the most complicated hydraulic systems. They're all designed to provide extreme protection against wear, rust, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, foam and oxidation to improve equipment performance and life.


2-Cycle Engine Oils

Enjoy the outdoors longer and get things done faster with high-performing Cenex® 2-cycle engine oils. These premium lubricants offer reduced smoke and odor, ease of mixing with gasoline, excellent cold temperature flow (in cold-weather applications), plus advanced formulas to keep engines clean and operating smoothly.


Specialty Products

Cenex® proudly offers a full line of lubricants and products to meet a wide variety of industrial and cleaning applications. Whether you need power steering fluid, cleaning solvent, concrete form oil or food-grade packing oil, you can always count on Cenex lubricants to deliver top-quality petroleum products to fit your specifications.

CPI Energy Team

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24-Hour Fuel Stations

We have 23 fuel locations throughout the CPI service area – eight of which are CPI Premier Stop Convenience Stores. Each of these locations carry gasoline and diesel fuel, which can be purchased with all major credit cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.