COVID-19 Message

During these unprecedented times there is a lot of uncertainty about COVID-19.

We understand that increased stress could cause us to lose focus and lead to injuries. We continue to coach our employees to have regular safety talks to ensure any and all safety hazards are discussed. We want to make sure all employees go home injury free every day.

CPI recognizes the added stresses of this pandemic can affect us all differently on both personal and professional levels. Take a moment to email, call, or video chat with friends, family, and coworkers. A simple hello can help us all feel more connected. Recognizing that we are all human by showing flexibility, caring, and patience can go a long way during this outbreak. Knowing that we are here to support one another will help us all get through these trying times.

Here are some resources to utilize:

Throttle Back on StressDr. John Shutske, Agricultural Safety & Health Specialist
University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW-Extension

Mental Health and the Impact on Wellness For Farm Families

Rural Response Hotline