CPI to Expand Grain Bunker Storage at Multiple Locations

Jul 20, 2020

Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI) has announced its plans to expand grain bunker storage at seven CPI locations. Locations with planned expansions included Campbell, Fairmont, Giltner, Hastings, Hayland, Minden, and Red Cloud. Construction is in progress at the locations with completion planned prior to the start of 2020 fall harvest.

“These grain bunker expansion projects will add additional space, the ability to store grain in better condition, and will allow more use of the significant investments CPI has made in our ground piling equipment,” said Justin Yoesel, Vice President of Grain at Cooperative Producers, Inc. “We are confident these investments will greatly increase CPI’s ability to handle our patrons’ large projected 2020 harvest.” Further details will be available as the projects progress.”

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