Liquid Plant Construction Completed

Dec 30, 2021

completed liquid plant
[HASTINGS, NE December 30, 2021] — Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI) has completed construction of its liquid fertilizer plant in Hastings, NE. The plant has the capacity to house 75,000 tons of liquid fertilizer and 525,000 gallons of bulk chemical. The facility also features 6 dedicated truck loading bays with 24/7 unmanned automated loading capabilities for bulk NPK, liquid blends, and chemical blends. The terminal will serve as CPI’s primary retail/wholesale liquid fertilizer plant and will be used to load CPI delivery equipment, applicators, and supply existing liquid fertilizer plants and customers throughout their trade territory.

CPI has also aligned with a distribution partner to service the wholesale industry and to broaden their product offerings to meet the needs of the local market.

“The conception, investment, and completion of this new, high-tech liquid facility is an example of CPI’s strong commitment to our member owners and customers in providing agronomic inputs and services quickly and competitively. The facility will position CPI for growth with new customers,” said Paul Konrad, Vice President of Agronomy at Cooperative Producers, Inc. “We’re looking forward to getting started and realize the immediate and long-term potential for CPI, our members, and customers.

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